Oudou Diabaté

Ibrahima DIA

Mr. Oudou Diabaté, Master of Bioinformatics at the African Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics (ACE-B), Mali 2020. After obtaining his teaching diploma, 2011; he taught for five years at the fundamental school of Segala (Kayes-Mali) specializing in Natural Sciences-Physical-Chemistry.

Considering my ambitions for science, he attended the Faculty of Technical and Technological Sciences of Bamako, option CBG (Chemistry-Biology-Geology) where he obtained a bachelor degree in Biochemistry-Microbiology, 2018. With this degree, he did four-month internship at the Reference Health Center of the sixth commune of Bamako in the medical analysis laboratory. This last internship allowed him to see an even wider field of science. To this end, he moves towards a more emerging science in bioinformatics.

During my master training in bioinformatics, he did an internship at the MRTC (Malaria Research and Training Center) with Laurent DEMBELE, Ing, Msc, PhD, working on manipulations for the testing of drug candidates against antimalarial resistance.

His master thesis was “In silico analysis of Pfdhfr gene mutations and their effects on the protein function in Mali” supervising by Pr. Ousmane KOITA et Dr. Cheickna CISSE. Which scholarship were founding by the West African Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics (WACE-B).

Now, he’s working on a SEED GRANT project, founding by WACE-B. In this project, he is looking for new drug to fight against the SARS-CoV-2 main protease. This project is supervising by Pr. Mamadou WELE and Dr. Cheickna CISSE.

Contact :

Email : diabateoudou@gmail.com

Tel : (+223) 69606360/78587991

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