Dengue Situation in Mali: Suspicious cases tested positive at UCRC labs

Ibrahima DIA

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs has given the situation of the fight against dengue in Mali. It was during a briefing on Tuesday, November 5, under the chairmanship of Dr. Mama Coumaré, Secretary General of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

14 suspected cases of dengue fever were detected in Commune VI of Bamako District and in the Kalabancoro Health District. Tests conducted in the laboratories of the University Clinical Research Center (UCRC) and the Charles Mérieux Infectious Disease Center (CICM) revealed 06 positive cases divided as follows: 03 cases in Yirimadio, 02 cases in Niamana and 01 cases in Banankabougou . The youngest patient is 02 years old while the oldest is 49 years old. “No death case is to be deplored,” assured Dr. Mama Coumaré.

Viral disease transmitted by mosquito bites, the first case of dengue fever was reported on October 31st. The last dengue fever outbreak in 2017, with 52 positive cases that have all been cured.The disease is manifested by headaches, muscle and joint pain, generalized weakness, high fever, nausea, vomiting … . In case of observation of some of these symptoms in a patient, the infectious disease Specialist Pr Sounkalo Dao, Senior researcher and Principal Investigator at the UCRC, advises an immediate visit to the doctor.

The briefing was an opportunity for the speakers to explain the actions undertaken by the department. These include: the investigation and management of positive cases, spraying intra and extra domiciliary in the localities concerned, the activation of the management committees of epidemics and disasters at all levels of the health system , capacity building of staff and inventory of inputs; strengthening epidemiological surveillance and informing and sensitizing the population about preventive measures.

Ibrahima DIA, Communication-Officer

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