Pretoria : Prof. Seydou DOUMBIA participates in the WHO expert meeting on Genomics and genetic disorders

Ibrahima DIA

The University of Pretoria, South Africa hosts the who expert meeting on Genomics and genetic disorders from 8 to 11 April 2019.

Take part in this meeting, representatives of the WHO collaborating centres on genetics and international experts (including Prof. Seydou DOUMBIA, Dean of FMOS) from different regions, who work with a wide range of skills Scientific and practical experiments in human genomics, genetics, ethics and public health.

Progress made by scientists in genomics

Genomics is an area in which health care is progressing rapidly. Indeed, many researchers are involved in the production of scientific evidence. In addition, new technologies are being developed to improve the diseases prevention and treatment.

The advanced knowledge and progress made by genomics scientists in recent years should benefit not only high-income countries, but all populations in need. WHO published key documents on genetic diseases and genomics, and the World Health Assembly adopted a major resolution on Genomics and Global Health (2004).

At this high-level meeting, experts will share ongoing work on genomics in different regions, set priorities, especially for the least developed countries. They will also provide information that can inform the development of a WHO roadmap on genetics and genomics; and review a basic online training project on genetics and genomics.

Who is Prof. Seydou Doumbia ?

Seydou Doumbia, M.D., Ph.D., is the Dean of the Medical School and Dentistry of the University of Sciences, Technique and Technology of Bamako (USTTB) and Director of the University Clinical Research Center (UCRC). Pr. Doumbia holds an MD degree from Bamako and a Ph.D. in Epidemiology from Tulane University, New Orleans in USA. Pr. Doumbia is Program Director of several research consortiums including the West Africa International Center of Excellence in Malaria Research (ICEMR), the Tropical Medicine Research Center (TMRC) Program on Neglected Tropical Infectious Diseases.

Since 2003, Professor Doumbia has been involved in bioinformatics/genomics capacity building in through the training of more than 50 Africans junior scientists to apply state-of-art bioinformatics and functional genomics with funding from WHO/TDR and the National Institute of Health (NIH), USA (…/African…/Announcement.htm). These different initiatives led to the creation of the African Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and a Master training program in Bioinformatics funded by NIH and supported by H3-Africa Bioinformatics consortium (

Professor Doumbia is Principal Director or Co-PI for three research training grants including West African Center of Excellence for Global Health Bioinformatics providing support degree training in Public Health and in Bioinformatics. Pr. Doumbia is currently developing a joint molecular/genomic medicine-training program with University of Thies in Senegal in collaboration with Tulane University.

Ibrahima DIA, Communication Officer-ACE-B

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